International Health Insurance

SwissFin – International Health Insurance

International Health Insurance plans are ideal for anyone who works for more than 3 months outside their home country or immigrates to another destination.

The insurance policies are comprehensive and there is normally a choice between the following modules:

  • In-hospital cover
  • Day-to-day expenses such as doctors, GPs, physiotherapist, pharmacies etc.
  • Dental and Optical expenses
  • Screening and preventative tests
  • Emergency evacuation

The in-hospital module is the basic module, to which you can add any other module.
You also have a choice of deductibles to structure your premiums most economically.

One major advantage of International Health Insurance plans is the worldwide coverage and you can have free choice of doctors and hospitals, including private rooms, anywhere in the world.

South Africa

These International plans can be concluded by foreigners living in South Africa, regardless whether you are in the country on a temporary or permanent basis, or if you are employed or retired. South Africans that travel frequently, have homes on several continents or emigrate are also eligible for the plans.
In the event of emigration, it is ideal to have an international health insurance policy in place, before you cancel your local medical scheme.

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