Health Insurance for Employees in Africa

Emergency health insurance for employees in Africa

Emergency health insurance

Medical emergencies require quick thinking, practical decisions and immediate action. So it helps if you have got over 40 years experience of insuring members in 190 countries across the globe. Bupa Global knows all about staying calm in a crisis and reacting quickly to the needs of their members.

Vital Africa is Bupa’s ‘emergency only’ plan. It works alongside domestic health insurance by focusing solely on emergency cover and gives businesses a useful alternative to traditional international private medical insurance. Emergency cover includes:

  • evacuation
  • hospitalisation
  • surgical operations
  • intensive care
  • advanced imaging

Employees are covered 24 hours after the effective date of their plan. And depending on requirements, employers can also choose to extend the cover to include employees’ dependants. If cover is for more than 10 employees Bupa can include their pre-existing conditions. This will ensure each employee receives the same cover and simplifies the enrolment process.

Product Highlights »

  • Budget management – Vital Africa cover will not ask you to pay for comprehensive cover you may not need, which makes it more affordable.
  • Cover for everyone – because cost is less of an issue, Vital gives you the opportunity to cover your entire workforce rather than a select few.
  • Duty of care – Vital Africa will give you and your employees the peace of mind that they will receive appropriate care and attention in case of an emergency.

Exclusions »

  • Emergency medical conditions outside of Africa
  • 24 hours waiting period for all benefits, from the effective date
  • Dangerous sports or activities
  • Psychiatric treatment

For more information about what is and is not covered please ask your sales adviser.

Important Information:

Please note that this policy may not be taken out to cover employees who will be resident in South Africa.